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Music artists and music lovers alike can both benefit from taking their passion to the online domain. Share fascinating music, discuss it with fellow fans, and exchange music-related content in the comfort of your custom social network; or grow your fan base, announce live shows, and sell your music online. The whole world can now be your audience with NING!

The Ultimate Website Building Solution

Detailed Customization
Build a stunning website using beautiful design templates and simple customization tools.
Abundance of Useful Features
Enhance your website functionality with amazing content sharing and networking features.
Total Security
Safe connection through the HTTPS protocol, full control over personal data, and adjustable privacy settings.
Simplified Content Management
Create any number of pages or delete them anytime. Managing website content requires no tech skills at all.
Varied Monetization Options
Monetize your website using three available methods: Paid Access, Paid Membership, and Donations.
24/7 Support
Any problems you might encounter will be efficiently resolved by our professional and friendly support team.
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Become a Celebrity and Connect with Your Fans

A music website may be your gateway to success

Claim your place under the sun
For a music artist, getting seen (and heard) might be the greatest challenge on the way to the successful future. Create a musician website, band website or DJ website to establish your online presence and become visible on search engines for your fans. Let the world appreciate your music, share photos and videos from your live performances, announce shows, and promote yourself on social media.
Make money from music
Creating a website is not only the best way to get your music out there but also sell it. Set up Paid Access to your music tracks, video clips or exclusive content your fans would be happy to get. Use Paid Membership to monetize the entire website and offer fans even more unique experience. Or ask your audience to support you with Donations.
Keep your fans close
The key to a successful music career is not only the quality music. Unless you engage actively with people who enjoy your art, making it to the top will be much harder. Turn your website into a thriving music community, keep in touch with your fans by means of private or group messages, receive feedback through the comments, and have private talks via live chat.
Create a website
Ready to Shake the World with Your Music?
Start with creating a social website on NING
Starting a music career might seem daunting at the first glance. Making great music is only where your journey as an artist begins. The next step is the hardest - getting yourself in front of your audience. But in our age, when most of people’s experiences start online, making yourself positive publicity is easier than ever before.
The vast majority of challenges on the path to the successful music career can be tackled by creating a music website.
Not only will it allow you to establish your online presence and share music with the worldwide online community, but also help to build your own fan base, connect with people who adore your art, and even make money!
To create a music website on NING, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy user or know anything about web design. In fact, you can build a professional site without writing a single line of code! It all comes down to three simple steps:
  • Select a design template to your liking from the broad assortment offered by NING;
  • Customize every aspect of your website design with easy-to-use tools;
  • Fill your site with interesting content and, of course, music!
There’s much more to your NING website than you reckon. Thanks to the abundance of networking features, it can be effectively used as a custom social network centered around you as an artist and your music. Grow your online music community and stay in the spotlight - this might be your shortest route to success!
Besides, NING offers plenty of tools and features to help you find your fans and make money:
  • Photo, Video, and Audio:
    Share great content to delight your fans! Post photos from shows, share video clips, and upload your music to sell or share for free.
  • Blog:
    Start a music blog. In-depth insights and engaging articles about music industry can attract a lot of new visitors.
  • Events:
    Announce dates of upcoming shows and encourage people to attend them to get more publicity and acknowledgement.
  • Forums and polls:
    Allow your fans to discuss your music, shows, and other relevant topics; start polls to receive feedback from your network members.
  • Social integration:
    Let your website content be shared on social media to gain more exposure online.
  • Monetize your music website:
    Choose one of the three available monetization options: Paid Access, Paid Membership, and Donations.
Becoming a successful musician, band or DJ takes a lot of hard work and determination. Your personal music website, however, can make your life much easier by optimizing your promotion and outreach efforts. And most importantly, with a NING website, you can stop worrying about signing up with a record label. You can now sell music on your own without sharing profits with anybody else!
Create a website

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