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Gregory Mount
How to Make a Website Like Facebook?
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Have you ever thought of creating your own social network like Facebook, but with personalized features and tone? A network where you can choose the design, the overall organization and the type of privacy policy it should follow.

Currently, Facebook rules the social media world. According to the 2017 survey, about 68% of U.S adults are using Facebook and more than 65 million business are owners of a Facebook fan page.

However, Facebook cannot satisfy the needs of everyone on the market, that’s why various social media channels exist. In 2017, about 88% of business used Twitter for marketing purposes, YouTube reached more adults than any cable networks in the U.S., and Instagram became the most popular social media channel among teenagers with 32 % usage.

The market needs personalization. Your target audience must have special treatment. Something more specific, something more exciting.

The obvious question is “Why not create your own social network?”

We have answered all the important questions and elaborated a perfect solution in the article below.

Reasons you need to create your own social network like Facebook

In the previous paragraphs, we discussed the diversity of the social media market and the need for something more specific and user-friendly. Facebook is not perfect. Its imperfection is related to the newsfeed, in particular, for instance, it does not let you focus on one specific topic, you cannot properly monetize your business, and it has a questionable privacy policy.

Sharing your hard-won visitors with other network sucks. Building your own social network is the solution.

Nowadays, you can build various personalized social media channels. Your social media network can be product or service-centric or you can build a standard review community for your target audience. Some businesses create personalized social media for gathering and research of a white niche that is still not covered and that will bring a huge amount of people to one place.

The reason can be simply the fact that you don’t like Facebook.

Eventually, it does not really matter what is the primary reason to build a website like Facebook: if your idea is good enough, it is worth trying and making it real.

How difficult is it to create a new social media?

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What if you have a great idea for your own social network but your lack of coding skills and technical knowledge holds you back? Not everyone on the market has a university degree on programming. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your idea. There are a lot of online social media builders and market experts that can help you in the process.

Times have changed and today, you can create a social network like Facebook with minimum costs. In fact, it has never been so easy to make your own social media as it is now., for example, offers a great opportunity for creating various types of social media network.  It really depends on your preferences. You can create open social media channel or limited to a specific audience, the one that has free or paid content or the one that is related to a certain product or service. Ning has everything, this platform can help you with everything you can ever imagine in the process of creating your social media channel.

How to Create a Website Like Facebook?

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The first thing you should do is find a proper domain name. The best solution is to buy a name that would match the name of your network. You can read more in details about the process of finding the perfect domain name here.

On Ning, you can start building your own social media channel by simply filling up a registration form.  Of course, your network should be unique, user-centric, and bright. For this reason, you need a general theme, logo, and a header picture that should be catchy and fit your social media site idea perfectly. You can read this article and find out more about design specifics.

Now, you can add all of the features and options you need for creating your perfect social media network. This includes feed options, chat, audio and video specifics, events and others.

The drag and drop builder on Ning, allows you to create your social media without any coding knowledge. All you need to do is choose the desirable features by ticking the boxes on the list.

The design section on Ning has also an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, so you can try different design samples before choosing the right one that would be in line with your vision.

You can create your own social media on the Ning 3.0 platform within a few minutes. This means that you can easily start networking whenever you want.

After you finish the creation process, you need to add content, attract and retain users and work on the growth of your network actively.

Creating your own social media channel is the best thing you can do for your business. By doing so, you will improve your targeting skills, affect your customers more effectively and have a direct contact with issues and opinions.

Apart from this, here you can get some more useful tips from the network creators who created their social medias on the Ning platform.