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Find out Where Ronn is

Where’s Ronn follows the trials of Ronn Bailey, who is the only American in the African road rally, FIA OPTIC 2000 Tunisia Rally 2008.

To help answer the question of where he is, Ronn uses a Twitter feed to keep network members updated. He’s taking advantage of the notes feature to summarize different stages of the rally. There is also a Track Ronn! group within the network, displaying his location via GPS.

Stage highlights come in the form of photos and videos. Fans can discuss the various legs at the forum, as well as future rallies Ronn has entered. To discover where Ronn Bailey is, rally at Where’s Ronn!

Education from a network

Independent School Educators Network brings educators and students alike together, to discuss education. All member are urged to write blog posts, join discussions or share their knowledge on wikis!

One of the most active features on this network are the discussions among members. Discussions range from student leadership in shaping tech uses in schools to social-bookmarking. Students also join the discussions asking questions of each other such as advice on taking a student newspaper online.

Members post a fantastic number of videos. Plagiarism, movie-trailers about education, early language education or simple phun are all topics of videos. The Independent School Educators Network is a great resource that no student or educator should miss!

Natasha’s Pocketful of Sunshine

The Natasha Bedingfield network is dedicated to fans of English pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield. With more than 900 loyal members Bedingfield fans can follow her latest activity up to the release of her highly anticpated album Pocketful of Sunshine.

Members have done an excellent job posting photos, videos and concert dates for her upcoming Verizon VIP Tour. Custom avatars and use of the events feature allows members to not miss a beat with Natasha’s TV appearances on The Tonight Show, Chelsea Lately and American Idol.

Natasha keeps in touch with her fans through her blog, providing an inside look into the singer’s life in the spotlight. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or if you’ve just listened to her last record join the Natasha Bedingfield network today! In the meantime, check out her latest video Pocketful of Sunshine:

Dress up your pup at Cute Dog Clothes

Cute Dog Clothes is a network for anyone who loves to see “really cute dogs wearing really cute clothes.” A simple custom header and bright, fun colors really set the tone for this network, all about showing off your pup in his most stylish duds.

Members of the network have uploaded over 1300 photos to date, with subjects ranging from ridiculously small dogs in ridiculously large sunglasses to Burberry-clad pooches to the tiniest Angels fan you’ll ever see. Even the big dogs get dressed up at Cute Dog Clothes!

So if you think putting clothes on dogs is cute – and who doesn’t? – stop by Cute Dog Clothes today!

Women in The White House

The White House Project is a non-profit organization bringing women leaders together from all walks of life. They are dedication to putting women in positions of power. If you are are one of the spectacular women out there, this is the network for you!

Members make good use of the forums, talking about gender or keeping each other up to date on news regarding leadership contests. Join one of the many active groups that members have created for everything from regional Go Run alum groups, such as for New York and Minnesota, and to a power mommy group!

Videos are incredibly popular on The White House Project. Videos range from serious documentaries depicting very powerful women to comedy spots by Ali G.

The White House Project is a social network that every leading lady should join!

Othello in black and white

The Othello Club informs and educates about the incredibly addictive game of Othello. Join the many members who learn and hone their game skills!

Groups have been created for all sorts of levels of play! Learns the basics and tricks of the game in class in session. If you are a more advanced player, check out some tips. If you are an expert, check out some puzzles and help other players with their next move.

Members have taken great advantage of the video feature, posting all sorts of Othello-related video clips. Watch players play on a giant Othello board or watch a world champion work his magic.

If you are itching for some competition, check out the event calendar! You may want to compete in the tournament in Cambridge on May 3, or the Derby Regional Tournament on May 31.

Whether or you are beginner or an expert, the Othello Club has the action you crave!

A green thumbs up for Garden Asheville

It has been a while since we’ve visited a network of the Asheville Citizen Times. But spring has sprung, so I proudly present Garden Ashville!

Whether you are looking for help in dealing with rabbits or dogs getting into your garden, or maybe you are just looking for some free seeds, Garden Asheville is a network for you. You can even learn remotely from videos, including how to install a water feature into your garden.

Plus, if you live in Asheville, North Carolina, Garden Asheville, you can participate in the events that the calendar links to on the main page!

From roses to vegetables, Garden Asheville covers the needs of any gardener. And one need not be a gardener to appreciate the beauty of the photos:

Find more photos like this on Garden Asheville

The latest in urban fashion at MyVilla

MyVilla is where members come to discuss the latest and greatest in urban fashion, with special attention paid to exclusive and collectible designer sneakers.

The features available to the members of MyVilla enable them to share their passion. You’ll find blogs posts about the latest hotness to hit the sneaker market, as well as products to keep the collectibles in top shape. Members enjoy sharing entertaining videos with the other members. In the photos section, the members upload pictures of the freshest designs that have caught their eye. Courtesy of the discerning members you’ll find images of the newest sneaker releases, such as the Adidas Irak, Chuck Taylor Christmas Special, New Balance Plaid, and the Supra Muska Skytop, as well as the accessories to go with them, like a retro Casio G-Shock watch. It becomes immediately clear when you visit MyVilla that the members like to show off their style.

MyVilla was created as the social networking component of It is a great example of how a network can be designed to integrate well with a standalone website. Sneaker Villa operates 16 stores in Pennsylvania that stock exclusive sneakers and accessories. MyVilla is the place where patrons and enthusiasts come to discuss their shared interest in urban fashion.

The synergy that exists between MyVilla and Sneaker Villa is truly impressive. Sneaker Villa contracted the Philadelphia-based design firm Indiefamous to help it leverage the power of its social network. The coordination between its two internet properties, MyVilla and, is apparent in both of their designs.

But the integration goes beyond just their look. prominently places an image at the top of their homepage promoting MyVilla. also includes the audio player from MyVilla featuring the tracks that members have uploaded.

On MyVilla a tab has been added to the navigation that links back to, allowing members to easily move between the two websites. Additionally, the Main page features an RSS feed of the latest news posted on

So if you want to see a great example of how a network can be designed for seamless integration with a standalone website, or just want to catch up on what’s now in urban fashion, head over to MyVilla.

The breed you love the most!

The Bearded Collie Network is “the place for Bearded Collies owners around the world to share experience, photos, videos and stories of one of the most beautiful dog breed.”

As a rather active network, members share their thoughts on everything from grooming to show results. Also, most members have uploaded amazing images of their Bearded Collies as their profile pictures. Check out Christina or Tetti’s pages for great examples!

If the combination of beards and dogs sounds like your thing, check out the Bearded Collie Network! You won’t be disappointed.

The art of marketing art

Considerations is a social network for art marketers. Members share their successes and failures in the art marketing world while creating an informational business network!

Forum discussions are highly informative and touch on subjects such as how to get business or how to use to see your art!

Members are incredibly active all over the network, showing off their latest and greatest or talking about their brand promisePhotos are constantly uploaded to showcase their latest work, ranging from jewelery to Egyptian-style paintings.

Network Creator Spincus keeps an frequently updated blog on informative and interesting stories and topics. Read his Tale of Two Models or a bit of marketing data.

If you are an art marketer, you would be missing a great informational resource if you let Considerations slip through your fingers!