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The world is your audience

Gone are the days when people explored art in galleries and at exhibitions. Nowadays, art is within a click’s reach. Create a website and turn it into your personal gallery. Demonstrate your works, make fans and attract clients.

Be visible, be everywhere

To be a successful artist, you have to actively seek exposure, be social and approachable. The more often you get on people’s radar, the higher are the chances to be noticed. Make a personal art website to optimize your outreach efforts.

Leverage the power of the internet

The internet can help your works of art get the publicity needed to drive sales. With its power, you can actually make a single image go viral and bring thousands of prospective buyers to your website!

Elaborate the unique website design

As an artist, you know how important the aesthetics are. To be noticed, you have to stand out. Express your personal style by customizing the appearance of your website!

Build an artist community

Bring people together around your art. Create something more than just a website! Build an artist network to connect with your admirers and introduce them to each other.

Offer outstanding content

Go beyond showcasing your works on a website. Grow your reputation as an artist by posting engaging and diverse content. Catch people’s attention with interesting blog posts, captivating videos, vivid photos, informative podcasts, etc.

Accommodate your own place on the web

Why competing for audience with other artists on major social networks if you can create your own? Personalize it the way you want, set your own rules, add the features you need, and be the center of attention all the time.

Make money from your art

Do people enjoy your content? Then it’s time to start selling it! Monetize your network and earn money for what you do best. Sell artwork, photos, videos or any other content you produce.

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Personalized design

Bring your website design in line with your creative vision. Apply the best website templates for artists and delve deeper in customization.

Easy-to-use tools

Art doesn’t always go hand in hand with tech-savviness. But we have you covered. Building a website on Ning is both easy and rewarding.

Custom domain

To stand out from the crowd, you need a memorable URL. Use your imagination to come up with something truly awesome and apply it to your network.

Search Engine Optimization

You want your network to be easily found online, and so do we. Your website will appear in search results, and you can further optimize it by writing meta-tags for your content.

Total control

You fully own all the content on your network and have total control over it. No more worries about losing your website assets.


Share your artwork and photos with the audience. Create a dedicated page where all your works will be readily available for visitors to behold.


Upload video files to your network in a couple of clicks. Share video tutorials, vlogs, how-to videos, etc. Integrate your website with YouTube or Vimeo.


Is music your art? Share your tunes with the world and let everybody enjoy them; or create podcasts about your art and upload them straight to your network.


Start a blog and delight your audience with interesting articles and insights about art. Blogging can help you increase the engagement and improve SEO.


Get the immediate feedback from your audience through the comments. Find out what people think about your art and use the knowledge to deliver the best of you!


Get in touch with your network members via private or group messages; communicate in real time through a live chat.


Organize engaging events online and in real life. Invite your network members to meet-ups and other important arrangements.


Launch discussions and decide who can contribute. Encourage the communication on your network and follow the most popular topics.


Group your network members by different parameters to manage your community more effectively.

Social integration

Let your fans “like” and “share” your content on social media. Who knows, maybe one of your masterpieces will eventually go viral!

Activity feed

Keep your fans updated about your latest releases and recent activities on your network.

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Do you believe your art should be available for free? Great! But why not give people an opportunity to support you? Collect Donations from fans who want to reward you for your creativity.

Keep track of your earnings and conversions with a simple Analytics tool.

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