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Get in the spotlight

Nowadays, becoming famous starts with the internet. Do you want your book to reach the masses? Create a book website, draw attention to yourself by sharing amazing content, expand your outreach, and start selling books to your audience.

Establish yourself online

In the modern world, getting your message across without having solid online presence is essentially a lost cause. As a writer, you need to make yourself a name, cultivate your own brand, grow reputation. A personal website is where you start.

Get visible

There are people out there who might be looking for authors just like you. But finding you will be a real challenge unless your website appears in search results. By creating a writer website, you improve your visibility online and open up to new opportunities.

Prove your professionalism

Are you a pen for hire? Show your potential employers how seriously you take your job! Create an impressive online portfolio: tell the world about yourself, highlight your advantages, demonstrate samples of your writings, and get in touch with customers online.

Build a writing community

Have you been writing for some time? Share your experience and inspiration with other authors! Create a writers network, offer your writing tips and other useful information. Keep in touch with other writers and learn from them too.

Choose your own design

As a writer, you know that appearance is as important as content. Your author website design depends entirely on your creative vision. Make a great impression on your readers with a professional and attractive website!

Create a social network for writers

Tired of constant privacy issues and far-fetched limitations typical of popular social media? Create your own social network and unite people who share the passion for writing around your online community.

Start making money

Monetize your website by setting up paid access to your premium content, charging a membership fee or collecting voluntary donations. There are plenty of opportunities for authors to make money online!

Becoming a professional writer takes a lot of work. Building a professional writer website takes NING

Simple operation

Building a website for the first time? No worries! Ning’s interface is user-friendly enough for anyone who has no prior experience in web design.

Design personalization

A unique writer requires a unique website. You are free to experiment with your website design all you want - there are plenty of customization tools at your disposal.


For contemporary authors, blogging is the essential tool for self-promotion. Start a blog to express yourself, hone your writing skills, and reach out to your audience.

Images and Video

Although writing is all about the text, your website is not. Diversify your content with vivid photos and interesting videos to engage your audience.


Take your narrative skills to the next level! Offer podcasts or audiobooks to the those who prefer listening to reading.

Online visibility

Your content should be available to everyone searching for it online. This is why we took care that your Ning network is visible on search engines.

Total control

Your content is completely in your own possession. Use it the way you want, control privacy settings, and don’t worry about data security.

Limitless communication

Get in touch with your readers and fellow writers via private and group messages, broadcast messages, and live chat.


Announce events and invite your network members to attend them. Meetups, seminars, conferences, public readings - anything you’d like to schedule.


Let your network members initiate discussions, talk about relevant issues, and ask questions. Contribute to the topics you find important.


Create multiple member groups to manage the community more efficiently. Every group can function as a distinctive sub-network with different privacy settings.

Social integration

Use social media to expand your outreach with the features of Social Sharing and Liking. Enable your members to sign in using their social accounts.

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Paid Access: As an author, you probably produce a lot of useful and engaging content. Start making money from it! Charge users for accessing the most valuable information presented on your website. Books, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, articles - any kind of quality digital content is a potential product you can sell.

Paid Membership: When your social network for writers expands, accumulates a lot of great content, and becomes popular, you can start charging a subscription fee. In this way, all your network assets will be available only to users who paid the membership fee.

Donations: If you don’t want to set up any paywalls on your network, why not give people an opportunity to support you? For example, you could ask for a modest donation in exchange for the first couple of chapters of your new book. Use different strategies to incentivise people to contribute.

Analytics: Monitor your transactions, keep track of incomes and conversions.

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