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Create a dance website to inspire

For some people dancing is a hobby, for others - a way of life. If you can’t imagine your life without dancing, take your passion to the next level! Create a stunning dance website to pass your enthusiasm over to others.

Experiment with the design

Make a great impression on visitors who come to your website. Customize its design according to your own tastes and preferences. Build a website that will both look and feel professional.

Promote yourself

A well-designed dance choreographer website gives you plenty of opportunities to express yourself as a performer and build reputation of a professional instructor. Establish your online presence and expand your outreach!

Promote your dance school

Start a website to represent your dance school on the web. Showcase your advantages, provide all the necessary information, reach out to your potential clients, announce performances and events.

Use your site as a portfolio

Show your prospective employees how seriously you take your job. Create an online portfolio, fill it up with vivid photos and quality videos of your best performances, share interesting insights on your own blog, and build a community of fans.

Nurture a community

Build a professional dance network to share engaging content, socialize, and celebrate the passion for dancing. Bring together talented dancers and dance instructors, let them offer their services on your website, and share profits.

Post amazing content

Are you into dancing and have a lot of awesome stuff to share with other dance enthusiasts? Post articles, photos, videos, music, podcasts, etc. Who knows, maybe your dance website will soon become a leading authority in the industry.

Monetize your website

Is your network becoming really popular? Then it’s time to start making money from it. Sell your best content, charge people for accessing your network or ask them to support you with donations.

All you need for creating an online dance community in one package

No coding skills required

Haven’t ever constructed a website? No worries! With Ning’s simple and versatile user interface, not a line of code is required to build a professional website.

Advanced customization

With a multitude of customization tools, your dance website design can be anything your imagination contrives.

Videos and photos

Share the best photos from shows and upload your performance videos; or create a dance video site and allow visitors to contribute their own content.


Announce and follow the dates of dance shows and performances, invite people to attend them, ask for RSVPs, and add your events to Google Calendar.


Start your own blog and write on topics related to dance. Share your own insights or the latest news to engage your audience.


Promoting a website is much easier if it is visible on search engines. You can also improve SEO by writing meta-tags for your content.

Abundance of communication options

Your network members can get in touch with you and each other any time. Send private or group messages, use a live chat, broadcast messages or send automated emails.


Set up a forum and let your network members discuss relevant issues. Enable your fans or customers to ask questions and give your replies.


Create multiple member groups to manage your community more efficiently. Each group can function as a comprehensive sub-network.

Social integration

The features like Social Sharing, Liking, and Social Login can significantly expand your reach and improve network usability.

Create a fabulous dance website and start making money

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Paid Access: Monetize your content by creating paywalls. Grant access to your best articles, photos, videos, forums, and groups for a price you are free to define yourself.

Paid Membership: Monetize the entire network. Provide access to your website assets for a fixed subscription fee. Only paid members will be able to use your content and network features.

Donations: Ask your network members to support you or raise funds together with your community for causes that matter to all of you.

Analytics: Keep track of your earnings and monitor conversions effectively.

It’s time to create the best dance network on the web! Ning knows how.

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