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Become an online life coach

Are you good at unlocking other people’s potential and bringing out the best in them? Somebody out there would be happy to benefit from your life coaching skills! Reach out to your potential clients with the help of a professional website.

Coach online with style

How do you envision your website? Should it be simple and professional or bright and dynamic? It’s totally up to you. Build a recognizable website that will be immediately associated with you, your lifestyle and values.

Create a feature-rich mentor website

Your website design is very important. But it is only a halfway to your success. To help your clients grow and achieve the best results, equip your website with amazing features to make communication and mentoring easier.

Be an online community coach

Why confine yourself to popular social media if you can make your own to connect with potential clients and fellow mentors? Create a sprawling community which will abide by your own rules and won’t constrain you with any limitations.

Work with other online mentors

Coaching website - great, coaching network - even better! Unite online business mentors or life coaches around your community, offer and manage multiple online mentoring courses, help clients find a mentor online, and more!

Share useful content

Provide your clients with the best content to help them become better, improve their skills, and learn new things. Use a blog, forum, photos, videos, podcasts, etc. Diversify your content to improve the engagement level.

Make money online

Create the best coach website and monetize it! Offer online mentoring programs, sell unique content or ask your network members for financial support. Grow your community, expand your customer base, and increase incomes.

Measure your success

Keep track of your own progress, set goals and accomplish them. Managing a coach or mentor network, you’ll want to know more about your website visitors, activities, and conversions.

Being an online coach is easier with a social website. Creating a social website is easier with NING


There’s nothing easier than building a coach website with Ning’s versatile and user-friendly interface.

Design customization

Endow your mentor network with a unique identity. Numerous design templates and customization tools are all at your disposal.


Engage your clients with interesting and relevant blog posts on any topics to help them develop and learn.

Photos and videos

Share motivating photos with your mentees, upload educational videos, vlogs, and video lessons; integrate with YouTube and Vimeo.


Audio content is a valuable asset. Create a dedicated page to share podcasts or any other audio materials with your clients.

Live chat and messaging

Communicate with your network members via private or group messages; offer one-on-one consultations through a live chat.


Arrange engaging events online and in real life. Invite your mentees to meet-ups, seminars, and conferences.


Initiate discussions, ask and answer questions, find solutions together with your community.


Group your network members by different parameters to manage your community more effectively.

Social integration

Stay social. Let your mentees “like” and “share” your content on social media and log in to your network using their social accounts.

SEO tool

Your Ning network is visible on search engines; you can further improve SEO by writing meta-tags for your content.

Member Ranking System

Encourage your network members to be active, reward them with various profile statuses and achievement badges, and promote mentees to mentors!

Monetizing a mentor website has never been so easy

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Got some unique materials to help others grow as personalities, perfect their skills, and achieve big goals? Your expertise is actually worth good money! Set up Paid Access to your premium content and reap the rewards for your efforts.

Managed to build a thriving community that attracts lots of visitors and generates loads of traffic? Consider establishing a Paid Membership on your network and charge people for accessing the entire website or its specific groups.

Not ready to monetize your content just yet? Ask your community to support you with voluntary Donations. Many people who benefit from your website will be happy to help your cause.

Monitor your incomes and keep track of conversions with the help of Ning Analytics tool. Everything you need to know to measure your success is available within a click’s reach.

It’s time to create the best mentor network on the web! Ning knows how.

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