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Surprise your kids with a fantastic website

Today's children start to explore the internet before they can actually read and write. Why not make a cozy place on the web where they can safely learn, play, and develop together with their peers?

Make it bright and exciting

Do you know what your kids love? Then you’ll have no problem coming up with the website design that will make your children crazy happy and encourage them to return to it time and time again.

Create a custom social network for kids

Communication is the cornerstone of personal development. Let your children socialize in the safe online environment you can fully control and regulate. No more worries about ill-intentioned influences from the outside web.

Connect with other parents

Keep in touch with other moms and dads to exchange knowledge and experience in the matters of upbringing and education. Share useful tips and advice to help others. Join forces to moderate the website collectively.

Combine fun with education

Should learning be all about books and exercises? Not at all! There are all sorts of digital education materials you could share on your website to sparkle children’s interest in learning: engaging articles, photos, videos, games - you name it!

Share amazing content kids will enjoy

Finding quality content to entertain or educate children is so hard at times. Create a website for kids and fill it up with everything they adore: breathtaking stories, amazing cartoons and movies, lovely music, and more!

Enhance schooling experience

Learning at school and engaging with classmates can be much easier if the school life extends further to the online space. Make a social website to connect kids from the same class or entire school.

Make money from content

Set out to build the best website for kids, come up with amazing content and great features to help children develop and have fun. Other parents will be happy to find it all gathered under one roof - and pay for your efforts.

Creating a great website for children with Ning is as easy as ABC

Simple interface

Not a tech specialist? Not to worry. Ning makes website building simple and engaging.

Customizable design

Use your imagination and our easy-to-use design tools to make a website children will love!


Start a blog to educate or entertain kids. Write on topics they find interesting.

Content diversity

Delight children with cool photos, exciting videos, interesting podcasts, great music, and more!

Effective content management

Create as many website pages as you want, add and edit content whenever you need. Allow kids to contribute their own content too.

Multiple communication options

Both children and parents can socialize via private or group messages, broadcast emails, and live chat.


Organize events for kids within the online space or in real life to encourage the communication and cooperation.


Set up a forum and let kids discuss matters relevant to them.


Create multiple member groups to manage the community more efficiently.

Social integration

Even kids have social profiles nowadays. Enable them to “like” and “share” content on social media and log in using their social accounts.

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It’s time to create the best site for children on the web! Ning knows how.

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