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NING offers you multiple ways to convey your ideas and get your message across: create a blog, post photos, videos, music, podcasts, etc. The platform supports all forms of digital content so you can offer enough diversity to your audience and experiment with different content types to figure out what works best for you.

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Not only does NING allow you to establish the online presence quickly and effortlessly, it actually lets you create a custom social network. This means you can build not just a parenting website but a comprehensive online community to bring parents from all corners of the world together to communicate and share.

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Whenever your network starts attracting more visitors and the urge for monetization becomes too hard to resist, consider yourself covered! NING made sure that users have enough options to find the most appropriate way to make money from their networks, including Paid Access, Paid Membership, and Donations.

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There’s probably nothing more demanding and at the same time rewarding than parenting. However, every single day parents face countless questions they don’t know the answers to. The internet is the first source of information many of them refer to in order to get the valuable knowledge. If you are an experienced mom or dad, or just somebody who knows a lot about parenting and feel inspired to share your insights with others, creating a mom blog or parenting website would be a great way for you to get the publicity and even make money online.

NING can help you make a dream website all by yourself. No need to hire a specialist or be a programming expert. The platform allows you to establish your online presence in a matter of hours, share any kinds of content, communicate effortlessly online, and build a community of like-minded people. But most importantly, NING gives you a unique chance to turn your little project into a profitable online business. All thanks to the three monetization features developed to enable users to find the most appropriate way of making money online:

  1. Paid Access will allow you to sell your premium content easily. Just choose a payment method and configure a paywall to charge users for accessing your best parenting tips, unique articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.
  2. Paid Membership enables website owners to monetize the entire network by restricting access to it for everybody except for authorised members paying a subscription fee. Paid members can freely access all website resources until the subscription expires.
  3. Donations is a feature enabling you to set up fundraisers and accept money from network members and visitors who decide to make a voluntary contribution. You can either raise funds for charity, to support your website, or for any other purpose.

Earning money for helping others in becoming better parents is definitely amazing. But how to create the best parenting blog people will enjoy and come back to time after time? NING makes it as easy as can be:

  1. Create an account on and sign up for a free trial.
  2. Create your new domain name (you can also use another domain name that you own thanks to the Domain Mapping feature).
  3. Select a website template that suits your needs and corresponds to your aesthetic tastes.
  4. Make your website truly unique by customizing the visual components of the template you have chosen.
  5. Fill your website with engaging and useful content that would appeal to your target audience; NING supports basically all forms of digital content so there’s a lot of space for your creativity to unfold: start a blog, share photos, upload videos, and audio files.
  6. Make your website interactive by utilizing numerous tools for online communication provided by NING, including private/group messages and live chat.
  7. Add extra features to improve the engagement level for your audience: start a parenting forum, initiate polls and surveys, create events, etc.
  8. Build and manage your online community, promote your network throughout the internet. Features like Social Integration, Groups, Member Categories, Member Ranking System and others will help you achieve impressive results.

NING is here to assist you in bringing any of your website building ideas to life. Due to advanced content sharing, social networking, and monetization features, it is the ideal website builder for content creators who wish to share knowledge, connect with the audience, and make money for something they love doing most.

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