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Caring starts with small things. By creating a volunteer opportunities website, you give hope to hundreds of people for changing their lives for the better. Leverage the power of the internet to bring fellow-thinkers together and help each other do good.

Create a beautiful and functional volunteer site

Design a website that will appeal to your audience and equip it with a multitude of useful features to facilitate communication, collaboration, and sharing. Promoting volunteer opportunities is much easier with a social networking website.

Get visible

The most efficient way of reaching out to potential volunteers is establishing a strong online presence. With your website appearing on search engines, it will be much easier for people to find you and apply for suitable volunteer programs.

Connect with volunteers and sponsors

Volunteering is all about teamwork. Create a customized social network to coordinate your work with individuals and organizations who wish to contribute to the right cause. Maximize the effectiveness of your nonprofit!

Handle community volunteer projects

Your own social website is a perfect platform for deploying all kinds of volunteer programs. Announce upcoming volunteer opportunities, share relevant information on your website, and make it accessible from anywhere in the world.

Raise funds

Enable potential donors to contribute for charitable causes, provide valuable information for money, or collect fees for becoming a member of your volunteer network. Use the acquired funds to sustain your NGO or help those in need.

Organize events

Arranging volunteer and fundraising events both online and in real life with the help of your website can significantly boost the engagement level for your volunteers and sponsors.

Share inspiration

Use your site to let the whole world know about your organization’s accomplishments! Share news, reports, and other interesting content related to your activities to inspire others.

The ultimate solution for handling volunteer projects online


Create a good-looking social website in a matter of hours regardless of your tech skills and prior experience in web design.


Make your volunteer website unique with the help of easy-to-use customization tools. Tailor every aspect of your site to your needs and preferences.


Post information related to volunteer opportunities as well as news, articles, insights, project reports, and other content relevant to your audience.

Photo and Video

Post inspiring photos and videos showcasing how exactly your volunteers make a difference. Quality visual content will increase the engagement level within your community.


Share all kinds of audio content on your website, including music, podcasts, interviews with accomplished volunteers and sponsors, etc.

Online visibility

Establish strong online presence with your Ning network! Your website is fully searchable online, and you can further improve SEO by editing meta-tags for your content.

Varied options for communication

Keep in touch with volunteers and sponsors via private or group messages, broadcast messages, and live chat. Integrate with MailChimp to send automated emails.


Schedule events and invite your network members. By announcing events online, you can increase the attendance rate and strengthen your community.


Let your network members initiate discussions, talk about relevant issues, and ask questions. Contribute to the topics you find important.


Grouping your network members by various parameters can help you manage your community, control privacy settings, and communicate more efficiently.

Social integration

Use social media to expand your outreach. Features like Social Sharing and Liking will help your content get publicity on major social networks.

Activity feed

Keep your network members updated about your recent activities and new volunteer opportunities.

Raising funds for your charitable endeavors is easier with Ning’s varied monetization options

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Donations: Start a fundraiser right on your Ning website! Your donors can now make an instant contribution with just a couple of clicks.

Paid Membership: Monetize your entire network by charging a membership fee.

Paid Access: Monetize your best content by limiting access to it with easily adjustable paywalls.

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